Research work

Irina S. Solodukha

The Institute develops international connections and ties with foreign colleges and universities directed in the first place to the staff professional growth and students maximum self- fulfillment.   The work in this direction is led by PhD Irina S. Solodukha.

The Institute maintains bilateral relations with educational establishments in Ukraine, Russia and Germany.

Currently we have the co-operation and joint research work agreement with the following institutions: “Belarusian Trade-Economic University of Consumer Co-operation” (Republic of Belarus); Private Academic Higher Institution “Ternopol Commercial Institute” (Ukraine);  National Management Academy  (Kiev, Ukraine); “Absolute technologies” Ltd.;  Moscow city pedagogical Institute (Moscow, Russia);  International Management Institute  (Arkhangelsk, Russia); Interregional education centre (Varen, Germany);  “International school of law and entrepreneurship” Closed Joint Stock company (Vilnius, Lithuania); Private institution of higher professional education “Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship”  (St.Petersburg, Russia).

Together with “University of Economics and Law “KROK” higher educational establishment (Kiev, Ukraine) in 2009-2010 an academic course “Administrative management ” for graduates and out Institute staff members was initiated.

The research activity in our Institute is mainly represented with applied research work. Theoretical  developments are widely employed in the academic activity. Teaching aids and learners guides developed and compiled by the staff members are of great importance and used in the teaching process and research work.

The Institute supports the talented youth and encourages then to participate in “Young talents of Belarus” programme.

Our student best research and graduate works in both Humanities and Science are put into Belarusian State University database. The students take part in the Republican Best Research Work Contest.

The Institute has a tradition of interuniversity and faculty contests and competitions. Annually together with “Minsk entrepreneurs and employers union” international academic and research conferences on entrepreneurship are held in Belarus.

Students, professors and other staff members take part in city and republican seminars, conferences. Annually we hold the International academic and research conference “Entrepreneurship on Belarus: formation experience and development prospects” to bring together undergraduates and professors of national and foreign colleges and universities.

We also publish an annual digest of research works “The economic education and modern teaching technologies. Economics and entrepreneurship” alongside with “Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity news” journal which has two sections: “Education and teaching technologies” and “Economics and entrepreneurship”. The conception of the journal reflects the main activity of the Institute, i.e. small- and medium-scale business specialists training and the development of a new entrepreneurship environment with modern ethical and social norms.