Ideological and educative work with the youth

Youth education is currently one of the top priorities and a burning issue of the society. The major aim of our work in this respect is to build up well-educated, cultured, creative specialists able to adequately assess the topical issues of social life and make grounded decisions.

The work in the Institute is organized in a range of directions: ideological, civil, patriotic, moral and aesthetic education, as well as students’ leisure organization, healthy lifestyles promotion, legal support and social adaptation of the young, labor education and part-time job support.

Alla L. Borchuck

The work in this direction is led by PhD, Associate Professor Alla L. Borchuck.

The Institute has a team to lead the educative work direction who work together for best results and common benefit. Vice-chancellor on ideological work, the youth initiatives faculty,   social teachers, psychologies, vice-deans and student group leaders organize the work in the Institute.

To settle the issues on education and social work in the Institute there have been set up commissions: on the fee cuts for students; on crime prevention; on housing issues; on health improvement and health resort treatment.

Svetlana A. Osinskaya

Events on education and social work are arranged by Education work and youth initiatives department headed by Svetlana A. Osinskaya

The department coordinates the activities of student social youth organizations, such as “Belarusian Republican Youth Union”, students council, the primary Red Cross organization, voluntary students public order squats, the primary trade union organization, the voluntary club.

To organize the ideological, educative and social work properly the Institute administration, the student self-governing body and social organizations work side by side for the best results possible.

The Council of Institute meetings, the Social Council on ideological, educative and social work, faculty meetings are held on a regular basis to discuss topical issues and come up with neat solutions.

Ideological and educative work with the youth

A particular attention is given to the public awareness efforts to timely update undergraduates and the staff on the recent events in the republican political and social life.

The educative work and youth initiatives department has a collection of the most recent teaching techniques as well as video and photo materials of the events the Institute holds. To timely resolve the problems students might have the educative and youth initiatives department has a hotline as well as a mail box for questions and suggestions.

A particular emphasis within the framework of ideological and educative work is placed on the 1st-3rd-year student group leaders activity. The practice shows that this work proves to be particularly efficient as it gives a chance to establish a direct contact with students, let them have their say, timely detect and resolve the most acute problems. The Institute has a “Group Leader’s Creative Studio”. At the meetings and seminars group leaders undergo training and study new interactive methods to use in their educative work, discuss various issues they face working with student groups.

Ideological and educative work with the youth

The creation of information environment and information culture modeling is viewed as an effective and important means of ideological education. The Institute site and the local network connection contribute to the quality ideological and educative process organization.

Educative work and youth initiatives faculty places the major emphasis on the “Belarusian Republican Youth Union” development and promotion.

As a branch of “BRYU” there has been set up Labor  Headquarters that develops a database on volunteers interested in seasonal jobs. The agreement on co-operation with “The Voluntary Youth Labor League” had been signed, which gives our students a chance to be involved into voluntary projects and work as members of building teams.

Ideological and educative work with the youth

To develop leader qualities students take part in the  “Leader” club set up by social teacher Ludmila I. Zlomanets.

We attach great importance this direction and try to extend contacts with creative youth from other educational establishments, organize student leisure time involving them in various events, which contributes to the youth aesthetic and moral education and builds them as creative and cultured personalities.

We regularly organize events devoted to some bank holidays and Institute traditional festivals.  Our students take part in regional, city and republican events of this kind.

Since 2006 the Institute has had new traditions: “Student Initiation”, “Newvision” festival, “New Year Divertissement” contest, “Along the kindness road” voluntary action, “The Minute of Glory”, and others. Our students regularly take part in the events devoted to the Great patriotic War anniversaries.

To organize students’ leisure time properly and develop their creative skills the “Style” creative club has been recently set up. They regularly hold concerts and festivals, organize different events, such as “Women day” concert, “Miss MTI”, and “Mister MTI”.

We put a lot of efforts into healthy lifestyles promotion activities, fight against smoking, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS preventive measures, arranging meetings with doctors and organizing lectures and talks with specialists. We also distribute information brochures on HIV, alcohol and drug abuse prevention measures raising students’ awareness of the problems.

Ideological and educative work with the youth

We view it as an important direction of our work to form our students as moral and responsible people and for this purpose we closely co-operate with a number of Minsk orphanages and kindergartens.

One of our top priorities is to develop the ideological and educative system which would be in line with the educational process targets and leisure activities aims. We put a lot of efforts into building our students as socially optimistic persons with a steady civil position. The Institute supports undergraduate publishing efforts, keeps and originates Institute traditions, develops the youth axiological ambitions, i.e. moral values and principles, and strives to build the true patriots of our Republic.