Faculty of Foreign Economic Activity and Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Foreign Economic Activity and Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Foreign Economic Activity and Entrepreneurship was established in 2002, before that it was working as the Faculty of Foreign Economic Activity. Vasily N. Pinchuk, PhD, Associate Professor, is the Dean of the faculty.

The Faculty has built 1500 specialists, among them 127 graduates got Honored Degrees. Lectures and practical classes are held by 132 teachers, 11 PhDs, Professors and 64 PhDs professors.

The work with first-year students takes the ranking place in the faculty. The faculty exercises supervisory control over 1st -3rd- year students. The supervisors help freshmen adapt to new conditions of studies and way of life, rational usage of free time. Supervisors also maintain ties with parents.

Joint meetings with students and teachers of the faculty are held on a regular basis. The best students of the faculty get merit certificates Students requiring health improvement have an opportunity of sanatorium-resort therapy. Issues of academic activity and disciplines are continuously discussed at the Faculty Council, meetings of prepositors and group meetings.

The Faculty consists of 5 departments:

Marketing and Management Department

Marketing and Management Department graduates specialists under the following specialties: “Marketing”, “Business administration”. Ph.D, Associate Professor, Natalya V. Kireenko is the Head of the department.

Marketing and Management Department

Specialty “Marketing” with specializations “International marketing” and “Advertising activity” trains marketing specialists-economists.

Graduates of MTI with qualification marketing specialist-economist can hold leading positions:

  • in state, joint-stock, private and foreign enterprises;
  • in economic and management structures of any firms;
  • in bodies of state administration – ministries, executive facultys;
  • in scientific and research structures;
  • in the filed of private enterprise and training of personnel for economic and management activity at domestic and foreign markets.

Business administration represents integration of deep knowledge, economic theory and economic law; it trains wide profile government official for enterprises, firms and all stages of state administration. Future heads acquire skills of business management, using up-to-date knowledge on jurisprudence, economy, psychology etc.

The students are in educational and practical training in leading enterprises, firms and organizations of the city of Minsk and country. Inter se RUE Minsk tractor plant, RUE Belarusian metallurgical works, OJSC Elema, OJSC Milavitsa, RUE OSK Stayki, National Tourism Centre of the Republic of Belarus, various advertising agencies.

The department provides the student with work in scientific group “Business of the 21st century” (for students of 1-3 courses), in student scientific research laboratory on market research (for students of 3-4 courses), in educational-sceientific task group “Marketing innovations” (for students of 4-6 courses), participation in the Republican competition of scientific student works for the purpose of enhancement of academic activity efficiency and providing possibility to execute future plans and show their potential.

Over the last 5 years the students participated in 9 international, 1 republican and 3 interuniversity workshop conferences. 21 works were prepared for participation in the Republican competition of R&D works among higher education establishments of the Republic of Belarus. Scientific and best graduation papers are recorded in the register of leading universities of the Republic of Belarus – Belarusian state university and Belarusian state economical university.

One of the paramount tasks of the department is delivery of assistance to graduates on adaptation to the labour market. Since 2002 the department trained more than 500 specialists for different sectors of the national economy of the Republic of Belarus. Most graduates work as the marketing specialists, marketing experts, managers in large-scale concerns and in small business (UPE Darida, RUE BMZ, OJSC Svitanok). This factor testifies that teachers fulfill their tasks – render assistance to graduates to be effectively involved to the system of new social and labour relationships.

International Tourism Department

International Tourism Department

In 21st century tourism business activities are differentiating, expanding and transforming. Today tourism plays an important role in the life of most peoples. It turned into a unique first-rate world industry. Therefore demand in specialists with higher professional education in the field of economics and tourism activity management is growing.

International tourism department graduates specialists under the following specialties: “Economics and tourism activity management”. Ph.D, Associate Professor, Yekaterina G. Kireenko is the Head of the department.

Activity of the department is directed to the training of highly-qualified specialists for tourism activity of the Republic of Belarus. Graduates of MTI with qualification economic manager can hold leading positions in state, joint-stock, private and foreign travel enterprises; in economical and management structures of any travel firms; in bodies of state administration: Ministry of Sport and Tourism, tourism executive faculties;  in scientific and research structures.

Research results of the department are broadly used by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Belarus – while implementing National program of tourism development of the Republic of Belarus for 2006-2010; ministries and other bodies of state administration of the Republic of Belarus – while development and execution of current actions on formation and promotion of the national travel products, tourist services export promotion; while development and execution of branch and regional programs of social and economic development; travel enterprises of the Republic of Belarus – while development of marketing strategies of formation and promotion of travel products, competitive recovery at foreign markets.

In process of training the students are in educational (introductory), production (business, pregraduation) practice in leading travel enterprises of Belarus: Belinturist, Belarusturist, Vneshinturist, Alatan Tur, Beltur, Travel, Viapole, Belorientir, Matep-90», Ves Mir, hotel complexes “Minsk”, “Belarus”, national park “Braslavskije ozera” and many others.

One of the main tasks of the department is to render assistance to graduates on adaptation to the labour market. The department trained more than 200 specialists for various branches of tourism industry. Graduates of the department are successfully working as the managers and directors of the leading travel firms of the Republic of Belarus: Alatan Tur, Transaero, Dorturservis, Viapole, Ves Mir, Lode-S, Paradise Travel, Stamp Tour etc. This factor testifies that teachers fulfill their tasks – render assistance to graduates to be effectively involved to the system of new social and labour relationships.

Students have an opportunityto receive supplement qualification of a guide-interpreter, graduating special courses under the program coordinated with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus.

Translation Theory and Practice Department

Translation Theory and Practice Department

The department builds specialists with Modern foreign languages (translation) major.

The diploma our graduates receive is of the state standard.   The command of the two foreign languages - English and German (alternatively French, Spanish, and Italian) and high proficiency in computer operating give our graduates a competitive edge during the hiring process and get prestige positions.

The department is staffed with highly qualified lecturers experienced in teaching, translating and interpreting activity both in Belarus colleges and abroad.

Translation course is a major constituent part of the general linguistic and professional linguists-interpreters training. A good command of the foreign languages, high skills in foreign editions use and quality translation of texts of various styles and genres are the demands that every qualified specialist must meet today. Interpreting and translating of economic, political, scientific, and technical texts alongside with public speaking texts and official documents are the inherent skills the interpreter must possess. Professional interpreting at negotiations, business talks of different levels, as well as seminars, conferences and symposia is the highest degree of professionalism the interpreter is supposed to reveal.

Translation classes are aimed at translation and interpreting skills development and vocabulary build-up within the themes under study alongside with speech fluency in official and non-official communication in the foreign language. The professors and lecturers maintain steady relations with The Guild of Interpreters of Belarus, The Russian Union of Interpreters, Translation theory and practice facultys of other Minsk universities as well as Moscow and foreign colleges (the Great Britain, the USA, France). The professors of the department take part in the international and republican conferences on teaching translation and interpreting at universities. Our students are involved into research and development activities the department initiates to study topical issues on cross-country studies, linguistics, translation, literature, and fulfill themselves as young creative scholars.

Humanities Department

Humanities Department

The department is currently headed by PhD, Associate professor Alexander A. Shamack

The staff include 11 lecturers with 1 PhD, Professor and 10 PhDs, Associate Professors.

Currently we teach 41 courses (subjects including Philosophy, Legal Studies, History, Philology,  Psychology, etc.). The Professors are involved in the research and academic activities both within Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity and the Ministry of Education framework. More than 100 works and theses have been published and are employed in the educational process both at universities and secondary schools in the Republic of Belarus.

Higher education initial stage is based on the general subjects study, the bulk of which are the humanities. Therefore most of the courses within our faculty are lectured to 1st and 2nd year students. The degree of proficiency in the subjects mentioned has an immediate effect on the pace of personal socialization, undergraduates’ involvement in social life and a balanced and steady position in the diverse and many-sided social life.

Today the department staff are working on the topical academic issue “The Role of Social Humanities in the Businessman Personality Formation” involving the students in the academic work on the subject.

Alongside with the academic studies the staff attach great importance to the educative work, which includes a number of directions: staff members lead students groups, set up theme clubs, arrange visits to the museums, theatres and provide the young entrepreneurs with legal advice. This is vital for students’ moral formation, the shaping of their personal targets and general values, which is bound to help the youth to form their own ideological, value and world outlook views.

Physical Education Department

Physical Education Department

The Institute places a great importance on sports and health promotion activities and the department contributes to it a lot.

The department is headed by PhD, Master of Sports in Football, National Football and Hockey Judge, Chairperson Deputy of the Ministry of Education Sports Issues Council Roman N. Medniko.

The faculty set up mini-football and tourism clubs and holds the Institute Sports Contest in six sports annually.

Physical Education Department
Physical Education Department

The faculty is involved into the “Physical Education as a Component of Students’ Healthy Lifestyle” research work. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus awarded the faculty with a Third Class Diploma for their efforts in sports and healthy lifestyles promotion with the youth in Belarus.

Sports grounds, gyms and sports complex Olympyisky swimming pool are available for the students.

Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity has a glorious sports history, and Ekaterina Krivova who was awarded with the Republican Cup in the rowing slalom competition is one of the students we can be truly proud of. Ms Krivova also performed as a part of the team that won the 1 place in tourist all-round events in Belarus.

Physical Education Department

Our graduates Nicolai Vladykin and Denis Kurdeko play hockey as members of the President Hockey Team. Michael Y. Grabovsky – the undergraduate of the Distance Learning Faculty – has been a member of the National Belarus Hockey team since 2004, has taken part in 5 World Championships, is a Master of Sports in Belarus since 2002 and master of Sports of the International class since 2004, Master of Sports in Russia since 2006.

To promote healthy lifestyles with students the faculty initiates all-the-year-round student games in different sports like athletics, mini-football, swimming and table tennis. Annually the Institute hold a sports spring event “The Keeping Fit Day”.