Economy and Business Faculty

Economy and Business Faculty

Economy and Business faculty was set up in 1996 to educate undergraduates who have a secondary / technical education and build specialists who are currently full-time employed.  The faculty is a dynamically growing structure that successfully builds specialists for various fields of economy, management and entrepreneurship.

The faculty is currently headed by PhD, Associate Professor Tatiana N. Yurok.

Since the foundation of the faculty, more than two thousand graduates received their diplomas and got jobs on different fields of business activity. The faculty graduates are now heads, managers and specialists of the leading Belarusian state and private companies: JSC “Beltransgas”, JSC “Priorbank”, LLC “Soyuzproduct”, CJSC “Belrosbank”, UE “Tusson-avto”, CUE “Minsk metropoliten”, JSC “Minskdrev”, JSC “Asrtom-M”, JSC “GUM”, RUE “Belpochta”, RUE “Belmedpreparaty”, Ministry of Finances of Belarus, RUE “MAZ”, CJSC “BelKhimServis”, JSC “Tsum Minsk”, CUE “Minskobldorremstroy” etc.

In the recent time the faculty has accumulated certain staff and academic recourses as well as information recourses, methodological facilities and equipment.

Distance learning faculty has a big library, two computer classes with Internet connection, language laboratory and tutorial rooms: “Merchandizing and production technologies”, “Marketing tutorial”, “Car service”.

The undergraduates have their internships in different offices, companies and enterprises the faculty maintains steady relations with. They are the following: UE “BelEuroTur”, “Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, “The National Centre of Legal Information”, SLS “BelOrientir”, Tourist agenc “Robinzon”, JV “Alatan-Tur”, SLS “Anadim-Tur”, RUE “DORTURSERVICE”, Sole proprietorship “Novak”, Hotels “Planeta”, “Orbita”.

The faculty has 3 departments:

Business Activities Department

Head of the department V.M. Kruglick

The department provides courses on Economics, Industry and Technology for the Distance Learning faculty and Foreign Economic Activity and Entrepreneurship faculty. The head of the department is PhD, Professor V.M. Kruglick. The department educates undergraduates doing their final year and is quite a big one. It builds highly skilled economists with Commercial activity as a major with the following specializations: “Commercial activities” on the consumer market; “Commercial activities” in construction; “Commercial activities” in catering trade; “Commercial activities” on the service market (car service / petrol station).

The graduates get jobs in the following sectors:

  • jobs in catering (restaurants, cafes, canteens, fast-food restaurants, etc.)
  • jobs in car service industry. The growing demand in this kind of services creates jobs for our graduates.
  • commercial activity in construction is a field that is currently deficiently staffed and lacks specialists with a university diploma for it used to be only a state form of ownership for the construction project. Private investment growth and secondary residential property market create the need for the specialists with the relevant skills.
  • consumer goods market covers the whole field that provides people with  essential commodities. Our graduates are to replace the specialists who worked under the centralized distribution and provision economy system.

Currently contacts with producers and consumers are largely the priority of private business.

Together with National Academy of Science of Belarus, BNTU, BSEU the department’s leading specialists conduct research work, supervise doctoral students, and deal with patent-licensing.

Economics and Finances Department

Economics and Finances department educates undergraduates doing their final year and build specialists with “Economics and management on the enterprise” as a major. The students graduate as “economic managers”.

Economics and Finances Department

The department is currently headed by PhD, Associate Professor Ivan S. Svetlitsky. The department is staffed with highly qualified lecturers and professors experienced in teaching and having valuable practical skills. Professors are involved in academic work and hold research on the topical issues of small- and medium-scale business in Belarus. Annually, they take part in the Institute and interuniversity conferences.

The undergraduates are also widely involved in research and academic work. Currently there is a “Small- and medium-scale business in Belarus” academic club in operation. The Institute course provides students with a profound knowledge of managerial activities and a steady development of basic production and functional subdepartments on the enterprise.

In the area of economic planning activities undergraduates are taught to develop long-range, mid-range and current economic and social development plans. On the current stage the specialist is required to be able to work out the innovation project business plan or the organization technical and economic development validation. Our graduates have jobs in all the fields of the national economy, on both state and private enterprises.

Our students undergo internship in the organizations (companies) of various branches of national economy: industries, transport, trade, construction, and other branches of national economy, including small- and medium-scale businesses of different forms of ownership.

Our major target in the process of a young specialist build-up is to provide students with a bulk of knowledge and skills to enable them to assess and make decisions on the economic activity, its planning and organization. We aim to supply our students with information and tools that will enable them to be creative and come up with neat solutions under the dynamically changing circumstances of business environment.

Advanced Math and Computer Technologies Department

Advanced Math and Computer Technologies Department

The department provides the basic education in Advanced Math, Economic-mathematical methods and Computer Science. The department is headed by PhD, Associate Professor Alexander I. Marchenko.

As a methodological basis the faculty uses module-rating education technology combining the module achievement monitoring and the rating assessment system.

The lecturers are involves in academic work on students’ specialized training, supervise students’ year projects and graduate works using math techniques and computer technologies.

Advanced Math and Computer Technologies Department

The academic studies of the faculty are carried out within the topic “Specialist training techniques and contents under the business activity development tendencies in Belarus” and have a few directions:

  1. The improvement of teaching techniques within the courses lectured.
  2. Mathematical modeling of management and socio-economic processes.
  3. The role of internet technologies in the economic research.

One of the directions of our work is to improve learning packs and teaching materials for each course. As a result in the recent years the lectures of the faculty have published more than 60 teaching aids and learning packages to provide a quality specialist training with students’ needs and professional interests considered.