Entrepreneurship support centre

Entrepreneurship support centre as a structure of the Institute was set up to provide our students, graduates and businessmen with legal advise on the business launch.

The centre provides the following services:

  • Investment projects business plans development assistance.
  • The modern marketing and management principles training.
  • Business activities counseling, licensing and taxation information.
  • Assistance on exhibitions, seminars and courses organization.
  • Academic and research seminars organization.

The improvement of training system for specialists in business and entrepreneurship through additional courses and advanced vocational training (Learning new ways of business management in market economy conditions).

Assistance in establishment and strengthening of academic and research as well as trade and commercial ties between business entities and foreign partners.

A new direction was recently developed, that is express training courses taught by the Centre economist and legal expert. The Centre also offers a range of courses in different directions (around 30), such as:

  • Accounts receivables management.
  • Staff motivation: the art of encouraging people to do their job properly.
  • Finances for non-financial managers.
  • Branding as a modern success conception.
  • Merchandizing – purchase power management
  • Strategic management:: target defining – changes.